Other Facilities
SVU College Women's Hostel

The Sri Venkateswara University College Women's Hostel comprises six blocks which accommodate all categories of women students admitted into S.V.U. College of Arts and Sciences and S.V.U.College of Engineering. Food is served in 4 messes for Research Scholars, Arts and B.Ed. students, Science students and students of S.V.U. Engineering College.

Reading / Common Halls are provided in all the blocks with Television, News papers and various Magazines. The mess is run on no loss and no profit basis following dividing system. All the students are expected to be within the hostel premises by 6:30PM everyday. Research Scholars are, however, permitted upto 8:30PM. Residents are expected to report for attendance at the respective timings. Residents may be permitted to attend Computer courses upto 8:00PM only on special permission after producing letters from their parents to that effect.