The Centre for Extension Studies of Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati took initiative to establish the Centre for Women’s Studies in Sri Venkateswara University. The Centre was established in the year 2007 on self –supporting basis with focus on Women’s Development, Gender Equality and justice. In 2009, the UGC approved the Centre and sanctioned financial assistance to the Centre and thus the Centre for Women’s Studies was established in S.V. University as a Regular Department. The Centre aims to sensitize the students on various women’s issues and trains them in enterprise and Management of innovative technologies specifically to increase women’s visibility in teaching, research & management. It also aims at enhancing their competencies, build a platform for Women’s Equality and Rights, and establish Gender Justice in the Civil Society. At present the Centre is headed by one Director i/c, five Academic Consultants and one Supporting Staff. The Centre has been offering PG course in M.A. Women’s Studies and Management since 2007 with an intake of 30 students. Masters’ Programme in Women’s Studies has been introduced with total 96 mandatory credits under the Choice Based Credit System. The Course is open to both boys and girls. Besides, PG programme, the Centre is also offering Research Degree leading to Ph.D. In the beginning the Centre also offered P. G. Diploma in Research Methodology through the Distance Education mode. The Centre for Women’s Studies is an Interdisciplinary and collaborate entity with sister departments in the University Viz., Dept. of Home Science, Adult Education, Population Studies, Sociology, Law and Human Rights The Centre has established linkages with several NGOs like WINS, STEPS, RISE, RASS, PASS and Universities/Colleges like Sri Padmavathi Mahila Vishwa Vidyalayam, S.P.W. College, S.V. Medical College, S.V. Agricultural University, and S.V. Veterinary University, Bharathiayar University, Bharathidasan University, University of Hyderabad and Institutes of Reputation like TISS, NIRD and NIMSME. The staff and the students of the Centre are actively involved in Teaching, Research, Projects, Workshops, Seminars, Training Programmes, Preparation of Learning material, Library and Documentation, Extension and Outreach Programmes, Clustering, Advocacy and Networking.

Mission of the Centre
 Sensitizing the students on various women’s issues and training them in enterprise and Management of innovative technologies to increase women’s visibility in teaching, research and management by enhancing their competencies, building a platform for Women’s Equality and Rights with a view to establishing Gender Justice in the Civil Society.

Vision of the Centre:
To foster the visibility of women’s issues, combine scholarship with socially relevant theories, open genuine interdisciplinary dialogues, eradicate biased gender perspectives, and develop gender sensitive management systems and structures systematically.

Objectives of the M. A. Women Studies and Management

The M. A. Women Studies and management Programme is designed to educate the learner with gender concepts and perspectives.

  • To Analyse the issues related to women in the context of individual, inter-personal, societal and institutional relationships;
  • To explain Gender and Power relations and their impact on the Family and Society;
  • To provide insight on gender disparities in education, health, income, wealth political and legal systems;
  • To examine the relationship between women studies and other areas of study;
  • To analyse the existing policies and programmes to achieve Gender Equality;
  • To make gender analysis to undertake effective steps for achieving gender equality, gender empowerment and social justice.

Programme Specific Outcomes (POs):
On successful completion of M. A. Women’s Studies and Management Programme, the students will be able to
PO 1: Understand the Gender roles and actively participate in the debates and discussions on feminist approach to development;
PO 2: Explain the Gender and power relations and their impact on the Family, Society and other Institutions;
PO 3: Use the range of analytical and field-based skills, leadership skills with gender perspective which will equip them with professional careers as Entrepreneurs, Social Activists and Technocrats;
PO 4: Apply their managerial skills to work independently, in groups so that they could transform themselves into job-ready candidates and achieve their career goals in an Egalitarian society.
PO 5: Utilize their knowledge to join in reputed National and International NGOs to serve the Women and Children and the downtrodden people.

Centre for Women’s Studies has the following infrastructure facilities:

  • Director’s Room : 1 (20 ft.L x 9 ft. W)
  • Office Room : 1 (20 ft. L x 9 ft. W)
  • Class Rooms : 2 (20 ft.L x 18ft. W) & (20 ft.L x 18 ft.W)
  • Convention Hall : 1 (20 ft. L x 20 ft. W)
  • Computer and Language lab : 1(28 ft. L x 18 ft. W)
  • Library : 1(20 ft. L x 9 ft. W)
  • Faculty Room : 1 (12 ft. L x 12 ft. W)

 Research & Innovation facilities

  • The Centre publishes the Bi-annual journal – “Indian Journal of Women and Development” with ISSN No2231 3974 and Annual News Letters
  • Centre for Women’s Studies carried out one major and 20 minor research projects with UGC assistance.
  • Centre Organizes Conferences, Seminars, Webinars on various Women and Gender issues frequently.
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