RS Hostel

Sri Venkateswara University Research Scholar’s Hostel For Men

Sri Venkateswara university Research scholar’s hostel for men presently comprises 3 blocks namely F- Block (Narayanadri), J-Block (Janardhan Bhavan) and I-Block. Research Students from all disciplines are provided accommodation. J-Block is meant for physically challenged students and it is equipped with needed facilities for them. The Research Scholar hostel is run on no profit, no loss basis. The maintenance and incurred expenditure is equally divided among all the inmates.

The hostel blocks have RO water system to provide drinking water, common TV halls with TV, CC cameras and WiFi facilities.

Chief Warden

Principal of SVU College of Sciences

(Presently Prof. M. Srinivasulu Reddy)

Phone: 9866206362


(Presently Dr. M. Balaji)

Phone: 9849086856

Deputy Wardens


General Administration

The general administration of the hostel is carried out by the warden & Deputy wardens with the help of various committees constituting of Principals of campus colleges, senior faculty and students.


The Hostel authorities reserve the right to deny admission to any applicant.


The student has to occupy the room allotted to him. He should not change it without prior permission of the Warden of the Hostels.

Rooms will be handed over to the students with available furniture, electrical and fan fittings.

While vacating, the inmates should hand over the same fittings etc. to the Deputy Wardens of the Blocks concerned.

Expenditure incurred or any replacement / repairs / additions / alterations in respect of furniture, electrical fittings or tube light fittings will be added to mess bills of be residents.


The residents shall maintain decency, decorum and sense of personal hygiene in the dining hall and in the Blocks. Any resident of the Hostels is liable of expulsion from the Hostels for any misbehavior, violations of Hostel rules default in payment of mess bills.


Members desirous of changing from vegetarian to non-vegetarian or vice-versa shall intimate in writing to the Steward two days before the first day of a month.  Change will not be allowed in the middle of the month. No meal or tiffin shall be allowed to be carried out side the dining hall.

Duration of Stay

Research students are eligible to stay in the Hostel for the period they are given admission as per the admission proceedings.

Payment of Bills

Inmates have to pay their Mess bills all other charges from time to time as notify by the authorities.  In case of any problem, they should contact the respective authorities for clarification.

If a member becomes defaulter for non-payment of the Mess dues for 3 months, action will be taken for the collection of dues through the court of law.  Expenditure incurred in this connection will be recovered from the concerned in full.

No Dues Certificate

No dues certificate will be issued to Ph.D students on complete payment of bills and production of ‘vacation Report’ from the Deputy warden/ Warden concerned. Research Scholars cannot submit their Ph.D. / M. Phil thesis without obtaining “No dues certificates” from their hostels. On the knowledge of any violation of this rule, the hostel authorities have the right to take necessary actions.

No dues certificate is only provisional.  Authorities reserve the right to collect the dues if any from the ex-members in case the same is noticed at a later date.

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