Day Care Center, Dept. Of Home Science, SVU

Day Care Centre

Department of Home Science

                                                   S V University, Tirupati




          The Department of Home Science, S.V. University offers M.Sc., Human Development and Child Welfarecourse. The students of the specialization observe and study the developmental aspects of children throughout the life span.  With the initiation of senior professors of the Department, the Day Care Center was established in the premises of SVU laboratory Nursery school attached to the Dept. of Home Science under UGC XI plan merged scheme during 2005.

The Day care center was established to support  working women of SV University as well as employed women of Tirupati town , who have young  children below 3 years and to provide quality care during day time  in a cheerful, well-equipped and spacious surrounding  at SV University Laboratory Nursery school premises.  The Day care center has been maintained by the faculty of Department of Home Science who have expertise in  Developmental aspects of children. The children are provided with stimulating and enriching  activities as the  growing body of research documents the importance of children’s early experiences for their healthy brain and all round development.


Objectives Of Day Care Center

The primary objective of the day care center attached to the Department of Home Science is to provide proper care and nurturing to young children who require attention , who have to spend time away from home and whose parents are unavailable during day time.  Care will be taken in such a way that it  serves as an extension of the home where children feel secure, comfortable and loved under the supervision of well qualified and experienced Nursery school teachers and with good care takers and children ratio . The other objective is to provide enriching experiences to children at an early age to meet their optimum development.


At present Dr. B. Swaroopa Rani faculty belongs to the Human Development and Child Welfare specialization of the Dept.Of Home Science is Coordinator of Day care center


  • Two supporting staff for a group of 15-20 children are present which is reasonably a good Adult -child ratio.
  • The care takers are warm, pleasant and friendly


Details of Care taking Staff in the Day Care Centre:

  1. Manjula CWM (Temporary)
  2. Swapna CWM (Temporary)

The nursery school teachers are highly qualified and experienced and they monitor the activities of care taking staff and  care of children of Day care center along with children of SVU lab nursery school.

 Physical Facilities

Location: The day care center is located

  • Safe area away from hazards like, ponds, ditches , etc.
  • on the ground floor
  • Away from distracting noises of traffic or other pollution

Indoor Space and Equipment

  • A big spacious room, well ventilated and have adequate lighting with

Air conditions.

  • Well furnished cots and beds for supporting young children to sleep


  • A variety of toys that stimulate imagination and promote all-round development of children (Drum, Dhapli, pull and push toys, squeeze toys, building blocks, soft toys etc) are available.
  • Conversation charts, pictures, flash cards, Picture books, and story books, Models etc., to promote language development  are available

         Outdoor Space and Equipment

  • As the Day care center is located in the premises of SVU laboratory

nursery school, the outdoor area is wide and adequately fenced.

  • Good outdoor equipment like see-saw, jungle gym, swings etc. are

available in the ground to provide experiences like climbing, jumping,

balancing, etc. to children which will facilitate large muscle

co-ordination and motor development.

  • There is a sandpit (with a radius of 3 ft) in the shaded area where children enjoy a lot sitting on the pit and play with sand which promotes emotional, social and language development.
  • plastic strainers, containers – plastic mugs, small buckets etc., are available for sand play.
  • Equipment like large and small balls, old tyres, rings etc. are available for throwing, rolling, catching and kicking experience



Along with care and nurture, Day Care Centre also provides

  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Nutrition
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Activities for all-round development of young children and

Intellectual stimulation

To ensure optimum growth and development, stimulation is vital for young children. The research on Brain development stresses the importance of early stimulation for optimum development .  The SVU day care centers provide stimulating experiences  through  colorful balls, soft toys, different models , picture books, musical equipment etc., under the supervision of staff of Human Development and Child Welfare of Department of Home Science.


Good nutrition enables a child to lead an active life. It is essential for a child’s diet to be good in both qualities as well as in quantity.

At SVU day care center mid-morning milk and nutritious snacks are provided to children with the suggestions of staff Food Science and Nutrition of Department of Home Science.

Safety and Sanitation

Safety is very important for young children.  Children are by nature, curious, active, ignorant, and individualistic, filled with ingenuity and tend to live in a fantasy world. The SVU day care centre is located in a safety environment away from hazards in ground floor away from traffic and pollution.

SV University health center is available nearer to the center to provode medical care in case of emergency.

Very good child friendly toilet facility is available. Safe drinking water facility  is availability .

Activities for all-round development of young children       

Early formative period during which foundations are laid for sound physical, social emotional and cognitive development is the most crucial one in a child’s life.  The SVU Day care center promotes all round development through differenct activities like throwing ball, hide and seek, rhymes, story telling, building blocks etc.


Every year the applications for admission into the Day care  center will be issued in the Department of Home Science, SVU College of Sciences, S V University.  The fee will be collected term wise


The children are provided with a mid-morning nutritious snack and or Milk at around 11 am. The snack is planned and prepared under the supervision of Nutrition experts,

The children are provided with different indoor and outdoor activities in a spacious indoor place and a wide playground. There is constant experimentation with new kinds of materials and methods of presentation in the daily routine.

Thus, the  day care center attached to the Department of Home science  has been successfully helping –

– working women by giving emotional  support to take up employment and

perform better at the work place keeping children below 3 years in a secure and safe environment

  • In promoting all round development of young children below 3 years
  • In providing hands on experience to the students of the department of Home Science to observe growth and development of young children

–   To impart relevant information to young Parents pertaining to the aspects of  child development and child rearing  practices and stimulation exercises  through talks by experts in   PTA meetings .



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